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"Train the trainers" - workshop

On 16.02.2021, the online workshop "Train the trainers” organized by the Hamburg Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) finally took place. Though, the workshop was initially set live for early 2020 in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, a thorough rescheduling enabled the HFRS to create an online workshop with equal content.

After the general introduction by Mr Jürgen Krempin (HFRS) as responsible organizer, the morning session was marked by theoretical lectures which gave participants a comprehensive insight into the following topics:

The first lecture offered an ‘Introduction to Sendai Framework and Paris Agreement’ presented by Mrs Janet Edwards (MSB)

Mr Valdur Lahtvee (CBSS) spoke about the topic ‘Policy Coherence and Practical Overlap: DRR and CCA’.

Mrs Evelin Piirsalu (SEIT) presented ‘Barriers to Successful Integrated Climate Risk Assassment’.

Colleagues from SGSP Mrs Oksana Telak and Mr Jerzy Wolanin finalised the morning session with lectures in the context of ‘Understanding Disaster Risk’ and ‘Guidelines for Integrated Climate Change and Risk Reduction Management for Local Authorities’. 

Mr Jürgen Krempin (HFRS) during the online workshop.

In the afternoon, the theoretically contents presented in the morning were applied in a group work on the basis of a case study. For this purpose, the HFRS team acted as coaches to supervise the different small groups working on the case study. Subsequently, the results were discussed in the collective group. With more than 50 participants from various European countries, the seven-hour workshop was a clear success for the organizers and participants.

During the next weeks, the project management and work package leaders will discuss the following steps and actions to be carried out until the end of the project in June 2021.

Training materials from the workshop



The Train the trainers curriculum was developed with the Hamburg Fire and Rescue Services (HRFS) lead as a part of the "Capacity building on integrated climate change and disaster risk reduction (DRR) management Work Package (WP3)" of the CASCADE project. The main objectives of WP3 are:

  • to increase the knowledge and capacity of civil protection experts and city planners by developing training courses in disaster risk reduction (DRR), including climate risk assessment and the Sendai Framework for DRR .
  • to promote the implementation of the Sendai Framework for DRR at the local level
  • to enchance the dialogue between the national and local level authorities and experts
  • to utilize the risk management methodology developed in WP 2
Virtual training workshop taking place in Hamburg