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The Main School of Fire Service (SGSP) is the leader of Work Package 2 in CASCADE project. The main task for the SGSP team is elaborating the portfolio of risk analysis methodology and the guidelines for integrated climate change and risk reduction management for local authorities. Before being involved in CASCADE project, The Main School of Fire Service participated in the similar projects like 14.3, From Gaps to Caps covering BSR countries.

Meet the SGSP Team

Professor Jerzy Wolanin

I am Professor, Jerzy Wolanin. From the very beginning, my professional career is connected with The Main School of Fire Service where I passed through different positions starting from academic teacher to Rector. I have got a rank of a General of the State Fire Service. In 2000 I got Honoris Causa at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. My scientific interests include the issues of fire growth modelling, risk, risk analysis, crisis management, and I am conducting researches in those fields, taking part in scientific projects, promoting scientific works of students and reporting during conferences. CASCADE is a great project for me, since I am an expert in risk analysis. I can easily find answers to the problems faced during climate change emergencies and elaborate tailor-made methodology to solve them.

Oksana Telak

My name is Oksana Telak. I have been working at The Main School of Fire Service for 10 years, currently - as a Head of the Organization of Safety division and assistant professor. I am also an officer of The State Fire Service. The fields of international security, humanitarian aid and safety on water areas belong to the range of my scientific aspirations. I am the author of numerous scientific articles, participant of national and international conferences as well as a vice president of a scientific society “Safety and Rescue” which unites a group of international scientists. Participation in different kinds of projects, especially CASCADE gave me new challenges, opportunities for personal development and great experience. I hope that CASCADE results will be used to reduce risk during climate change hazards and will positively influence our future.


More about The Main School of Fire Service (SGSP)

The Main School of Fire Service (SGSP) is the only technical university in Poland educating fire officers. Besides, it is also is a leading entity in the field of safety engineering and internal security. SGSP has a rich 75-year tradition of fire safety education, and at the moment is carrying out research and development works in the field of chemical and ecological rescue, fire protection systems, fire-fighting and rescue equipment, fire safety and civil protection. The university has a modern research infrastructure, particularly in the area of safety engineering, including unique devices to study different phenomena and processes as well as laboratories, simulators and field training base.

The university implemented a number of scientific, research, development and educational projects in Poland and within international consortia. It cooperates with other European universities, governmental institutions and NGOs in various programmes and projects.  
Students studying daily or part-time can choose two main directions at SGSP: fire safety or internal security. The university can give 3 degrees: engineering, master’s and PhD. Students wishing to broaden their knowledge or qualification can also choose post-diploma studies in “Fire and emergencies prevention”, “Building fire engineering”, “Education for safety” etc.

The School is unique because it has its own fire department which is acting in the region of its location. Uniformed students have the opportunity to practice while having their shifts in the department going to real emergency operations.

Text by Oksana Telak

Photo of Professor Wolanin by Oksana Telak

Photo of Oksana Telak - Collection of Oksana Telak


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