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CASCADE – Community Safety Action for Supporting Climate Adaptation and Development

Presented a unique, innovative approach seeking to improve urban resilience in cities and towns, as well as the overall macro-regional resilience. The project brought together civil protection specialists and climate change adaptation experts to jointly fight the impacts of climate change.

The results and recommendations from the CASCADE project are collected in the Toolbox for Climate Risk Preparedness.

Interviews with CASCADE project partners

The project final review concentrates on the partner view of the project and brings insights from along the road. It revisits the aims of the project and focuses on the project partners experiences on this innovative way to respond to the challenges related to climate change via a cross-sectorial approach.

Despite the partners entering the project with unique experiences with risk assessments and disaster risk reduction, it was relatively easy to merge our ideas to form a useful education package that many cities will be able to use to building disaster resilience.

MSB, The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, CASCADE Project partner

The main impact of the CASCADE project will be the highlighting of the climate change and its related risks, but at the same time providing tools to be prepared for that.

Liepaja Municipal Police, CASCADE Project partner

Read the final review and all the interviews here.