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Policy Development

CASCADE initiates a region-wide policy dialogue on the UN Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction to form cross-sectorial cooperation between different levels of governance and for greater policy coherence on climate risk assessments. EU policies need to be translated into policies, plans or legislation at the national level and then implemented at the subnational levels – local and/or regional.

The purpose of the Policy Dialogue in the CASCADE project is to connect various stakeholders from different levels and sectors to discuss challenges and to identify potential solutions.

The Policy Dialogue part of the CASCADE project enhances and strengthens the other project activities, through engaging in discussions with relevant stakeholder groups from across the Baltic Sea Region. To ensure the involvement, collect input and to anchor the project with a broad range of end-users of the project’s results is at the core of the Policy Dialogue. The purpose is also to ensure the impact of the results.

These materials were developed through a series of Policy Dialogues within the CASCADE project.

Policy integration and mainstreaming climate risk assessment

Supporting materials for integrating DRR and CCA and addressing the needs and challenges for mainstreaming climate risk assessment into management and policy planning on the national and local level, to ensure coherence of relevant policies in the macro-region.

Good practices from the target countries around the Baltic Sea Region are integrated in the position document. All the countries in the Baltic Sea Region are different in terms of social, economic, cultural, historical and geographical aspects; therefore, these examples should not be viewed as universally applicable but rather as inspiration for how some of the challenges with implementing the Sendai Framework can be addressed.

Recommendations on how to bring integrated climate policy development into educational curricula

The criteria system and concept for curricula to continue education, among the universities in the Baltic University Programme by Åbo Akademi University, based on the results of the CASCADE project.

Risk management due to climate change in the Baltic Sea Region